Grüvis Malt

Обложка альбома Grüvis Malt.
  • Трек: Hommage à Paul Klee : VI Grün in Grün - Andante
  • Исполнитель (артист): András Schiff
  • Длительность 4:18
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "András Schiff - Hommage à Paul Klee : VI Grün in Grün - Andante"

    Privacy has got me by the throat
    It's cut me down to size in quarter notes
    I'm have the man I was when this was written
    but twice as shy now that I've been knocked around
    Specifically? I'm talking about my home
    Providence plays no role, I make my own
    I'm doing a residency in music in a strictly commercial zone
    and I can't even believe that I'm at odds with the city
    Do I have to get indicted to get support around here?
    I mean I'm not Dunkin Donuts but I'm giving back to society
    And you don't recognize without the label validation spectacles,
    the one who stands for something is just the one born with no knees
    And don't expect me to rock it in your name, sitting sidelines in the radio game
    So replace me with a supermarket, over there we'll build a mall
    Soon comparison rockers shop at the Century Lounge or the Call
    We hit a wall a while ago built on premature reputations
    but now we fall between the lines the city fails to read,
    confused by lyrical subject matter (other than that promoting weed)
    and time signatures designed for something more than moving feet
    But I've been drinking water working harder than anyone else who's unemployed
    six years of shows and all excuses are null and void
    We've fallen into: "Hey, it's Gruvin Bigpants Kids. I seen yous play at uh, at da Lupo's. Are ya still doin da music thing?"

    In this "biz" we're not "kids" we're "casualties"
    Caught in the crossfire of trying to out-grunt colleagues
    Swallowing bands with hollow throats
    I'd say we could coexist but being a good sport doesn't put Ramen on the table
    And this musical cannibalism is just a side effect
    Whether or not you see the invisible teeth that the media nips at your feet with
    believe that neither rain nor sleet nor minimum wage
    will keep me from stopping the Poo Lyrical Tyranny
    In the spirit of capitalism with the spirit of an audio collision
    I sing to you, Phantoms of a Million Bad Decisions, "Have lunch on my GRAVE!"
    I hope you choke on my divisions!
    Your appetite's the bridge between soup and superstition,
    now six feet of silence asleep under the piano
    Finally pacified by the dirt dismal quiet of a second story nation
    It's piling up like crazy and my stage name sits on top of me
    Forget the top hat, I went back to Babyhead like John Monopoly!

    Always the student with no class, I traded in my lab pass to go to the recession
    And now I read social encounters as mathematical expressions:
    loneliness divided by huddled mass plus density
    equals me switching seats and getting off a block early,
    coughing home to 60 degrees and grilled cheese
    Complaints carpet my apartment on the 3rd floor,
    overlooking slums like a lottery billboard

    Stressed out about being stressed out
    Dressed up to cash out and get a stomach knot when I can't cash doubt
    I need a moment of solitude
    To lose my poor attitude
    But I'm only invisible when I feel credible
    It's a silent world that won't stop speaking to me,
    strangers' stories that freeze my journal entries
    60 degrees and a nicotine breeze
    bring me home finally to my 2nd floor destiny

    And it's odd to think that work is rest to me and rest is work,
    I paid out my investments in sleep deprivation currency
    Matching breathing rhythms to those of the broken fridge
    I file today under "useless" so it's water under the bridges
    The download slows to null, other's troubles are flushed when my lids locked at sunrise
    My alarm made me realize $1.25 isn't even half the cost of riding the RIPTA bus

    With no fuss the pen drops
    (or is it the hand that stops writing bedtime stories?)
    days to allegory
    In six hours filmed over suns invade our territories to START PUSHING!

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